Department of Abdominal Organ and Transplantation Surgery

About Department

The first liver transplantation of the institute and also of the state of Gujarat was performed on May 2008 by Dr. Pranjal Modi. Till date 534 liver transplantations have been performed by him; from deceased donors and live donors.

The department is having facilities for hepato-biliary and pancreatic surgery, gastroscopy and colonoscopy which include emergency endoscopic therapeutic facilities.


Liver Transplantation: [Year 2018 to 2020]

Year 2018 Year 2019 Year 2020
Total Liver Transplantation 58 68 34
Paediatric 3 4 1
Cadaver 49 52 28
Living Donor Liver Transplantation 9 16 6
Total number of cadaver Transplantation so far 297 349 376
Total number of Liver Transplantation so far 318 386 420


Prof.(Dr.) Pranjal Modi

Professor & Head of Liver Transplantation

Dr. Vaibhav Sutaria