Department of Anaesthesiology

About Department

The department of anaesthesiology was set up under the leadership of Dr. Veena Shah in 1983 with two staff members & one operation theatre having facility to perform two surgical procedures simultaneously.

From this, today it has expanded to a full-fledged department having 10 faculty members & 9 postgraduate students supporting the busy departments of urosurgery, transplantation surgery, paediatric urosurgery, obstetrics & gynaecology.

The institute has 10 operation theatres, out of which 4 are exclusively for transplantation surgery, 2 for obstetrics & gynaecology, 4 for urological surgeries which includes endourology, laparoscopic surgery, paediatric urosurgery & open surgery.

All operation theatres have central supply of oxygen, nitrous oxide, air, carbon dioxide & vaccum. Department is equipped with latest anaesthesia machines with ventilators, basic monitoring of ECG, Pulse oximetry & NIBP, patient warming system, nerve locator & infusion pumps.

Facilities for invasive haemodynamic monitoring, neuromuscular monitoring, temperature monitoring & end-tidal monitoring of carbon dioxide are also available.

The practice of anaesthesia includes anaesthetic care in preoperative evaluation clinic, operating rooms, critical care unit, postanaesthesia care unit, radiology department, lithotripsy department & IVF department.


Preoperative evaluation clinic

It runs daily in the afternoon between 2.30 to 4.00 room no. 20.This clinic evaluates & determines the optimal medical preparation of outpatients & inpatients undergoing anaesthesia especially medically complex patients.

Most of investigative & diagnostic procedures are performed on outpatient basis thus reducing the duration of hospitalization.

All anaesthesia residents rotate through this service in one week blocks & one faculty member provides an extensive educational experience to them.

Postanaesthesia Care Unit

Patients undergoing outpatient surgical procedures are admitted in this unit till they recover completely & are discharged from the hospital.

Patients undergoing major to supramajor surgical procedures are closely watched & monitored before they return to the wards.

It is equipped with bed-side monitors & PCA pump.It incorporates facilities & expertise to relieve acute postoperative pain not only by intravenous drugs but also by regional blocks & patient-controlled analgesia.


Operation Theatre

Anaesthesia technique No. of procedure (2018) No. of procedure (2019) No. of procedure (2020)
General anaesthesia
Spinal anaesthesia
Combined spinal-epidural anaesthesia
Epigeneral anaesthesia
Epidural anaesthesia
Nerve block


Dr. Manisha Modi

Professor & Dean(I/C)

Dr. Beena Parikh

Professor & HOD (I/C)

Dr. Kalpna Vora


Dr. Tanu Mehta

Associate Professor

Dr. Prachi Kadam


Dr. Rajkiran shah

Associate Professor

Dr. Dipika Singh

Associate Professor

Dr. Rajnish Nama

Associate Professor

Dr. Devendrakumar Prajapati

Associate Professor

Dr.Viral Trivedi

Associate Professor

Dr. Ishan Bhavsar

Assistant Professor

Dr. Keyur Prajapati

Assistant Professor

Dr. Nidhi Trivedi

Assistant Professor

Dr. Noopur Jani

Assistant Professor