Department of Urology & Transplantation Surgery

About Department

Urology department was borne and recognized by National Board of Examination in year 1991. Advancement of modern urology practice are well accepted by the department and today it is top ranking urology department in the country.

Number of seats per year: 3


  1. Robotic surgery. Highest number of robotic kidney transplantation are carried out in the world.

  2. Endo-urology: Two C-arm operation rooms dedicated for stone surgery. Daily minimum 8 cases of upper urinary tract stone surgery. 100 watt Nd: YAG laser machine for prostatic and stone surgery, 10 watt Nd: YAG laser machine for stone surgery. Separate instrument set for pediatric endourology.

  3. Pediatric urology: Government of Gujarat funded school health program allows free treatment for pediatric urological diseases up to the age of 18 years to all children born in Gujarat. Busiest pediatric urology unit in the country.

  4. Kidney Transplantation: 350-400 kidney transplantations are carried out each year under one roof. Institute runs one of the busiest cadaver kidney transplant program in the country. All donor nephrectomies are by retroperitoneoscopic approach. Recipient surgery are carried out either by open operation or by da vinci robotic platform.

  5. Lithotripsy: Two state of the art electromagnetic lithotripters (Siemens Lithoskop). Average 700 new patients are treated per year.

  6. Reconstructive urology: Major urethroplasty, use of bowel in urinary tract, renovacular hypertension, urinary incontinence surgery.

  7. Laparoscopy: Majority of kidney and ureter related surgeries are carried out laparoscopically. Countries largest urological laparoscopic surgical unit.

  8. Urodynamics: For diagnosing neurological and non-neurological bladder disorders, state of the art urodynamic facilities both for children and for adults.

  9. Cancer surgery: Cancer of kidney, bladder, prostate are treated by minimally invasive modality like robotic surgery, laparoscopic surgery and when indicated, by open operation. Facilities for adjuvant hormonal and chemotherapy at nearby oncology center.


Summary of urological surgeries in last 5 years:

2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Major Urology 456 443 383 352 180
Minor Urology 2387 2952 3304 2974 1802
Endo-Urology 2797 2995 2903 2740 1425
Laparoscopic Urology 730 795 773 805 355
Pediatric Urology 467 592 423 795 384
Kidney Transplant 341 345 350 389 183
Robotic surgery 109 95 91 70 70


Prof.(Dr.) Pranjal Modi

Head of Department & Urology Unit-2

Prof. Syed Jamal Rizvi

Professor & Head of Urology Unit-1

Dr. Suresh Kumar