IKDRC-ITS College of Physiotherapy

About College

Physiotherapy is a Health care profession that provides treatment and care to develop, maintain and restore maximum movement and function throughout life in circumstances where they are threatened by ageing, injury, disease or environmental factors.

Organ transplantation is one of the medical miracles of the 20th century and is very upcoming and emerging field. There must be an increasing demand of rehabilitation before transplantation and after transplantation in the community. As transplant rehabilitation is a relatively nascent field, literature outlining the principles of transplant rehabilitation is scarce. It was very much essential to start this course in physiotherapy field. And it is the first time in INDIA and the only university which has started Master of Physiotherapy in Transplant Rehabilitation.

IKDRC - ITS COLLEGE OF PHYSIOTHERAPY was incepted in 2018, in the heart of IKDRCITS campus, with a commitment to support the students and encourage students for professional and lifelong learning skills, providing opportunities to innovate and carve a niche for themselves in this competitive world. We began our journey with Post graduate program in 2018 with two courses 1) Master of Physiotherapy in Cardiopulmonary conditions and 2) Master of Physiotherapy in Transplant Rehabilitation.

IKDRC - ITS COLLEGE OF PHYSIOTHERAPY holds mission and values of the principles of Physiotherapy to promote high quality education and practice. The aim of the College is to educate students to provide the best health management coupled with the ethics of caring. The mission is consistent with a commitment to provide excellence in education, research, practice, and community service.

The vision of IKDRC- ITS COLLEGE OF PHYSIOTHERAPY is to prepare future Physiotherapists, who are excellent clinical analyzers, admirable team workers and lifelong learners to practice as best physiotherapists in a variety of health care delivery systems such as primary, secondary and tertiary systems. In order to meet its obligation in teaching, research, scholarly activities, practice of service, the college strives to maintain high quality faculty who are excellent teachers and expert practitioners, whose contributions are remarkable in the field of physiotherapy.