The main objective of the University is to provide efficient and responsive administration, scientific management and organization of teaching and research programs in the areas related to Transplantation and Allied sciences. It will provide a multidisciplinary environment for transplantation professionals to promote and unite basic and clinical research so as to find solutions to the field's most challenging problems, such as immune tolerance, the critically short supply of donor organs, safer immunosuppression, organ preservation, and the mechanisms of rejection. It will strive to be a Centre of excellence for providing medical care, educational and research facilities of high order in the existing super-specialties and such other super-specialties as may develop in future, including cell and tissue transplantation, solid organ transplantation, composite tissue transplantation, xeno transplantation, cell, tissue and bio-engineering, genetics and translational research in humans, animals, micro-organisms and viruses. It will also establish and maintain Training or Educational Centers, Research and Experimental Centers and undertake extension activities and programmes of training through such centers as may be required in various parts of the State. The aim is to attain the highest standards of academic excellence by providing necessary physical infrastructure and creating an intellectual environment conducive to free flow of ideas and meaningful exchange of information and knowledge with other foreign and national Universities or institutions.